Optometry (Eye-Testing)

Optometry involves examining, diagnosing, treating and managing visual diseases and disorders. It’s the science of optical equipment (including lenses and spectacles) that improves human vision. It’s one of the best paying jobs in the country, as well as one of the most stable and flexible.

Courses Offered

  • Diploma in Optometry (Eye Testing) (2 Years)
  • Diploma in Optometry (Eye Testing) (1 Year)
  • Diploma in Opthalmic Assistant (2 Years)
  • Diploma in Opthalmic Assistant (1 Year)

To run a successful business practice in an efficient and monetary way This will create a pool of retail-specific executives which the industry is lacking till date and benefit the whole industry. This will reduce the cost incurred by retailers on training people after recruitment. After successful training placement will be given to highly reputed organizations like AGARWAL EYE HOSPITAL, VASAN EYE CARE, SURESH EYE CARE and LOTUS EYE HOSPITALS in India.

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